Christian Maurice

About Us.

“We aim to be Nigeria’s reference name for top quality products in the agro-allied industry in Nigeria”

Christian Maurice Consulting was originally founded in March 16, 2011 as a broad based consulting partnership specialized in sales and Sales Outsourcing: creating and developing markets for companies in Nigeria; helping to produce additional revenue streams, get reference wins, and close businesses in diverse markets.

With increased market opportunities and an ambition to operate its own franchises, the company restructured in March 02, 2016 as a limited liability company with emphasis on sales of both own and third party-owned products as well as delivering the outsourcing services to companies that it has been known for.

A Few Words About Us

Christian Maurice Consulting Limited is the franchise owner of Burgess Supadog® dog food, StarChoice® range of veterinary pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements, Power Extreme® animal feeds in Nigeria and Labyes® range of pharmaceuticals. The company continues to expand its product and service portfolios.

Our Vision

We aim to be the reference name for top quality products in the Agro allied industry in Nigeria and beyond.

Our Mission

To provide world class ethical products and services in the agricultural sector


Christian Maurice Consulting is a full-fledged sales outsourcing company with offices across Nigeria. Our teams are presently growing sales and directing sales activities of companies across diverse industries including: pharmaceutical, food & beverage, energy, telecommunications and cosmetics products.

With existing relationships and databases at their disposal, our sales teams are great at:

Demand generation

Debt recovery and

Market research projects.

We work with you to create a blueprint for sales growth based on your goals and objectives and then help you validate the strategy through pure sales execution.

Bottom line is we produce results.

All Christian Maurice Consulting sales teams are led by handpicked senior sales executives and supported by operations professionals familiar with your industry and ready to start producing improved sales results from Day One. We focus on strategy first, and then quickly transition into execution.

Lead Generation

Creation and implementation of B2B lead generation and inside sales activities.

Debt Recovery

 Ageing receivables are important assets. Our job is to recover them and end the sad chapter for you.

Strategic Sales

 Developments and implementation of a scalable strategic sales plan on behalf of our clients.

Channel Development

 Identification of target markets and accounts along with introduction to senior decision makers.