U – Egg Baby

General Information

Hen culling, infertility, embryo mortality and low-quality chicks cost the poultry industry worldwide a lot of money annually. U-Egg Baby boosts the productivity of the breeder flock by delivering on:

More hatching eggs
Improved fertility
Higher hatchability
Healthier chicks

U-Egg Baby is super charged with multivitamins, prebiotics, probiotics and bio-active peptides to promote fertility,growth and development, enhance immunity, increase feed conversion rates and enhance digestion. U-Egg Baby also contains vitamin D3 metabolites, which encourage better transfer of calcium from the shell to the embryo, strengthening its skeleton while making the hatching process less traumatic for the chick.

The components of U-Egg Baby function as Immunomodulators, which helps to boost immunity thus improving the chicks survival rate. This leads to the production of higher numbers of chicks, which are also of better quality. Carotenoids (such as those present in U-Egg Baby) boost the antioxidant capacity of the egg. This enhances the fertility and the survival chances of the embryo.

U-Egg Baby helps ensure that layers and breeders deliver on the high reproductive performance and fertility levels necessary to produce large number of live chicks. More importantly, U-Egg Baby is a green product – residue-free and pollution-free. It offers a good way to break the vicious cycle of the abuse of drugs and drug residues in animals.

100g – ₦500.00

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Dosage & Administration

Use for 5 – 7 days consecutively during any treatment cycle. Apply as often as required.

In Drinking Water: Mix 100g product with 500L water

In Feeds: Mix 100g product in 100kg of feed

Key Ingredients

U-Egg Baby contains a rich array of Prebiotics, Compounding enzymes, Polysaccharides, Bio-active peptide, Vitamins & Amino acids.


Vitamin A 200IU Vitamin D 300IU
Vitamin E 45g Vitamin K3 500mg
Vitamin B1 3g Vitamin B2 4g
Vitamin B6 5g Vitamin B12 7mg
Niacin 25g Pantothenic Acid 10g
Folic Acid 600mg Biotin 400mg


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