Sales Plus

SalesPlus is a target based Sales Outsourcing service by Christian Maurice Consulting designed to create alternative but assured sales channels for companies finding it difficult to break into markets. It leverages on insurance and an exclusive network of Sales executives and Businesses / Shop owners to deliver a unique service that gives comfort and security to our clients while at the same time, making the products widely available in the market. With a growing array of businesses and shops already signed up to the program, SalesPlus enforces a mandatory obligation to warehouse, stock and resell diverse range of products from our various clients thus guaranteeing that shelf space, market entry, market penetration and demand generation are almost at a moment’s notice.


  1. How does SalesPlus benefit businesses and shop owners?
      Subscribers to the SalesPlus program gain numerous advantages as distributors of company products.
    • Subscribers receive the goods at ex-factory price thus have competitive price advantages over most resellers.
    • Contract Sales Executives deployed to the subscribing shop/business assist to deepen sales and improve on turnover.
    • Subscribers have access to trade credit that would otherwise not have been available to them.
  2. How does SalesPlus work?
    SalesPlus is a target driven “pay as you sell” service that is fully backed by insurance. As a partnership with dozens of sales professionals of every level in its payroll, Christian Maurice Consulting pairs sales executives with authorized businesses and shops to mandatorily secure, warehouse and resell our clients’ products. In return, our clients make their products available to our partnering businesses and shops on time bound credit. The activities of each pair of executives and business partners are supervised by an in-house associate whose goal is to deliver strictly on volume targets. A weekly audit of stock and returns is also implemented in-house by our team of mobile auditors while mandatory account reconciliation is done with the client on monthly basis.
  3. How does SalesPlus guarantee security of goods?
    SalesPlus is designed in partnership with insurance companies. Christian Maurice Consulting provides fidelity guaranty insurance on all its sales professionals, which it uses to secure goods up to the limit of that bond. The insurance premium is then passed across to the business/shop owner to repay on a monthly basis.
  4. What other guarantees are given?
    Partnering businesses and shops sign various undertakings to meet specific sales targets, pay insurance premiums and repay for stock on time. Furthermore, these partners provide undated cheques up to the limit of the stock supplied to them for added security.
  5. Who is a SalesPlus business partner?
    Anyone can be a SalesPlus business/shop partner so long as they have an existing shop space and have capacity to warehouse, secure and resell the goods.
  6. Under what circumstances would termination on the program occur?
    The SalesPlus service for businesses and shop owners can be terminated in the event of payment default, theft or breach of the terms and conditions of the service. Upon termination, the business / shop will be required to settle every outstanding obligation.
  7. What documents are required for subscribing to SalesPlus®
    All businesses and shops for the SalesPlus program undergo a rigorous approval process during which all required documents and physical presence are verified. To be approved on the program, every business / shop must provide the following documents:
    • One completed subscription form
    • One Passport Photograph of the shop owner
    • A copy of Business registration certificate (If available),
    • A copy of recent tax receipts (any one of Local, State or Federal government is acceptable)
    • A copy of utility bill (where the shop is located) and
    • One SIGNED but UNDATED cheque payable to: CHRISTIAN MAURICE CONSULTING and covering the total stock supplied
  8. What do you need an undated cheque for?
    Although participants in the SalesPlus program are already secured by insurance yet, it is a risk-based program and the undated cheques are issued to provide secondary comfort to clients as proof that the business / shop is reputable. The cheques will not be presented at the bank unless a major breach occurs in repayments.
  9. Can I order for restock if I exhaust my limit before the end of the month?
    Yes. Product restock is allowed so long as it is within the authorized limit of the business / shop owner. You can also call for restock once your stock falls below 25% of total.
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