FAT 2020 – for Broilers

General Information

Feed is a major cost factor in poultry production, so reducing feed costs per bird is a priority for every producer. Fat 2020 can help customers increase the return on their valuable investment. Ultimately, poultry production involves converting feed into meat or eggs. The higher the feed efficiency, the lower the cost of production, and hence the higher the returns.

Fat 2020 is our rapid weight gain and immune booster solution for broilers. It is an ideal nutrient enriching formula for quick weight gain in poultry (up to 250/chicken) while reducing feed consumption by up to 10%. This product is stacked with Growth factor peptide (GHRP-2), which is developed to increase protein digestibility. With greater efficiency in feed conversion rates, birds get more nutritional value from the same amount of feeds thus drastically reducing feed costs.

Broilers nurtured on Fat 2020 gain 100~250g in weight during treatment while reducing feed consumption rate by up to 10%


                                                                        100g – ₦800.00

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Dosage and Indication

Fat 2020 is made to use from 20 days age for 20 consecutive days during any treatment cycle.

In Drinking Water: Mix 100g product with 500L water

In Feeds: Mix 400g product with one ton feed

Days 5-7: Crown red Hair become brighter

Day 10: Improve uniformity and reduce sudden death

Day 15: Improve the body resistance to disease, improve immunity and further reduce morbidity.

Day 20: Reduce Feed ratio by 10% and weight gaining 100-250g /per chicken


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